The Transformative Path

In the village of Mootaikaranchavadi, a unique story emerged featuring Muthu Swetha, an enthusiastic eighth-grade student at Panchayat Union Middle School. When the Whole School Transformation (WST) Program began in 2021, aiming to bring positive changes to both the school and the community through various activities, Muthu Swetha was a keen seventh-grader, eagerly participating in every activity. Recognizing her talents, the Learning Links Foundation program team quickly noticed Muthu Swetha’s potential.
In that year, Muthu Swetha became the ‘Hygiene Captain’ for her class. She felt very proud and happy about it. Before this, she was never selected for roles like ‘Hygiene Captain.’ Now she takes better care of herself and checks if others are clean too.
In the early days of 2022, the WST team worked on enhancing opportunities. They established a school cabinet and introduced various clubs, aiming to build a school culture based on values. These clubs organized activities and group events to encourage teamwork, cooperation, and a healthy competitive spirit. They also made Muthu Swetha the School Pupil Leader (SPL). She led other students in a promise to serve the school during an important ceremony. Muthu Swetha showed her talents by leading the dance team and acting as a butterfly in a skit about ‘Uniqueness.’ She also joined the school newsletter team, ‘The Pulse,’ to get better at writing English.

Besides her performances, Muthu Swetha did very well in her studies, especially in comparison to students in other schools. She got the top rank in the National Means cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS) exam, which gives scholarships to students who do well. Her success shows how much the WST Program’s classes in Math and English helped her. The mentorship in the WST program not only supports students in doing well academically but also motivates them to pursue further education with the help of scholarships. This prepares the students with valuable skills for the future.
Seeing Muthu Swetha improve during the two years of the program is a big success for the Learning Links Foundation Program team. We hope for the best in her future and believe she will continue to do great in anything she does.

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