64 year old provides abode to 60+ animal species

Rüvuotuo Belho (64) has lived in the same home, nestled in the lush green lands of Kohima in Nagaland, all his life. From a very young age, he would spend hours gazing at the wildlife and nature around him. However, his family loved going on hunts in the jungle. Even as a kid, the idea of […]

This family has been nurturing sparrows from past 300 years

For over 300 years, the Shaikhs of Syohara have held on to their sprawling haveli. So have the sparrows. Twenty-three years ago, Akbar Shaikh, the patriarch of the family, bequeathed his ancestral haveli to his eldest son Shaikh Jamal with an oath that had passed down generations – that the structure of the mansion never […]

Winning hearts with algae-based biodegradable leather

The bio-leather, created in 2020 from a mix of algae and organic waste, is an attempt to reduce “white pollution” — the plastic trash left behind in the water — as well as the impacts of the leather tanning industry. It mimics animal leather only in appearance, but the creator claims it is cruelty-free, waterproof, […]

A butterfly garden made on a wasteland!

Swapnali Dabke was overwhelmed with emotions when she turned 46 on September 30. Her husband Dr Suneet asked her to accompany him for a tree plantation drive in Manjusar village. But Swapnali reached there, a fluttering gift was awaiting her – a butterfly garden made on a wasteland!. Suneet, 51, an environmentalist thought of doing something that can […]

Purnima Devi’s Hargila army saves endangered storks

In 2007, when Purnima Devi Barman embarked on her PhD on the greater adjutant stork, little did she know that she would soon spark a mass movement. One that would not just save the bird from extinction, but rally thousands of women to form an Hargila Army of conservationists, change mindsets, and provide livelihoods. Fifteen […]

Couple from Kashmir used their savings to provide shelter to wounded animals

It is another Monday in Srinagar, Kashmir, and for Dawood Mohammad and his wife Mariya Mushtaq, it means yet another day of calls from people who have spotted an injured animal.  Being one of the only few rescue centres in the valley, Dawood says that the work at Animal Rescue Kashmir is never-ending but he […]

In a nutshell: Man who went out of his way to save the turtles

Soumya Ranjan Biswal from Odisha spends most of his time creating awareness about olive ridley turtles and the marine ecosystem. He and his college junior, Dilip Kumar Biswal, take turns to don the costume of a cheerful turtle as they travel along Odisha’s coast to create awareness about the environment among the fishing communities. He’s […]

Amtes’ Ark: Prakash & Mandakini Amte, protectors of the vulnerable

“Elsa … Elsa!” calls out Dr Prakash Amte, sliding open the gate to her den. At the sound of his voice, a five-year-old leopard pounces out, eyes shining, powerful muscles rippling under her gleaming fur, a deep, low purr rumbling from her chest. Next, we move to Jasper, a 15-year-old striped hyena, who cackles excitedly […]

An inspiring 90-years old grandma feeds 120 dogs everyday!

She wakes up and heads straight to the kitchen — not to cook for her family, but for 120 dogs. The 90-year-old hasn’t let health problems like osteoporosis, fractures, or major operations come in her way.  She wasn’t always a dog lover, but when her granddaughter Sana brought their dog Coco home, everything changed. “I was […]