Manisha Soars to Silver

Manisha is a determined Class XI student from Vimukti School. As a young teenager, she found
solace in poetry, expressing her emotions and thoughts through poignant verses that soon evolved
into powerful rap songs. Soon, she became known for her ability to rap, and her verses resonated
with the students of Vimukti School.
As time went on, Manisha’s interests took a different turn. With a heavy heart, she confided in her
teachers that she no longer felt the same passion for writing songs and rapping. Understanding that
teenagers undergo changing aspirations, her teachers supported her decision, hoping she would one
day rediscover her artistic flair.

Months later, Project Udaan was introduced at Vimukti School, aimed at uncovering hidden talents
in various disciplines, including studies, sports, and cultural activities among students. An initiative of
the Access Program implemented by Learning Links Foundation, it empowered economically
disadvantaged 13–22-year-olds with essential English language, communication, and critical thinking
skills through interactive learning, cooperative strategies, and real-life contexts. . The idea behind
the initiative was to do something different and that was to nurture talents outside the pedagogy
of academics.
To everyone’s surprise, Manisha emerged as a focused and dedicated boxing player. With a natural
stance and posture, she quickly excelled in the initial training phase. Within just five months,
Manisha triumphed, winning two silver medals at the district-level boxing championships.

In her own words, Manisha shared the journey that reignited her passion for boxing, “My elder
brother was deeply passionate about boxing, and when I was eleven, I attended a few training
sessions with him. I loved it back then too. However, our family faced significant financial problems,
and we couldn’t afford to continue my brother’s training. Eventually, he had to give up boxing, and I
also forgot about it. However, when I got the opportunity to learn martial arts at school, my passion
for boxing reignited. Now, all I can think about is boxing and representing India in the sport one

Manisha’s story stands as a testament to the importance of encouraging students to explore new
experiences. By providing a supportive environment and nurturing their growth, Learning Links
Foundation enables schools to help students uncover their hidden talents and pursue their dreams
with determination and resilience. In Manisha’s case, allowing her to explore different disciplines is
what helped her realise her potential for boxing. With the right opportunities and guidance, young
minds like Manisha can soar to new heights and make their mark on the world.

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