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Keerti Bhusan Pradhan a health & development management professional with work experience and exposure in some of the globally acknowledged human service organisations ensures to give time each week to help NGOs, Charities and Non Profit Service organisations by providing his expertise and mentoring them for quality service delivery and sustainability. 

Keerti says these organisations are contributing to the most complex challenges of society and in most difficult situations with limited resources. Cant afford to have guidance and advise from big consulting firms or have access to probono advisers. But their organisations need guidance and mentoring to sustain, grow and serve more needy population. 

After passing out from TISS in the year 1995 where ever he has taken up the job for his survival, he has ensured he spends few hours each week to help service delivery health & development organisations as a probono adviser and mentor onsite, online & offsite. 

Keerti feels if every working professional in our country can share his or her length & breadth of expertise and experience with social development organisations who are serving the needy populations in most complex situations and very limited resources then it would have impact on overall development and complement and supplement to the existing efforts of those organisations. 

Even if one can not serve needy population directly atleast this way s/he can serve the needy population indirectly.


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