Akshara Foundation Study Reveals that Children in Rural Primary Schools are Doing Better at Maths than Previously Thought

Akshara Foundation, a leading non-profit with a focus on mathematics for children in primary schools, successfully hosted the Karnataka edition of its annual Maths Symposium, ‘IT ALL ADDS UP 2023-24’, in Bengaluru.

Akshara’s flagship initiative, the Ganitha Kalika Andolana (GKA), or ‘Maths Learning Movement’, has significantly improved maths proficiency among 7+ million children studying in government primary schools in Karnataka, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh since 2015. With a footprint of over 80,000 schools, GKA emphasises classroom interventions, community engagement, and the use of appropriate technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

This edition of the Maths Symposium was centred around the focus and emphasis on community involvement in children’s education, and the community-led Gram Panchayat Maths Contests (in Karnataka).

During the symposium, a report on the results of the Akshara-facilitated Gram Panchayat Maths Contests for 2023-24 was released, highlighting its key findings and impact. The Contests were held in 4160 of the 5900+ Gram Panchayats in Karnataka. Over 4,70,000 children from grades 4-6 from 22,000 government schools in 28 districts participated in these contests.

The GP Maths Contests Report revealed that children were performing better than expected in mathematics. Even in areas like the Kalyana Karnataka region which has historically shown low learning levels, approximately 40% of the children could answer 8 out of 20 questions correctly.
In a conversation with Mr. Ashok Kamath, Chairman of Akshara Foundation, chief guest Smt. B.B. Cauvery, IAS, Commissioner for Public Instruction, Government of Karnataka, said, “We get troubled by learning surveys about government schools. I’m really feeling better after reading your GP Maths Contests Report. We shouldn’t think our children are not good at maths. The situation is bright, not dark. Your Report substantiates that.”

She further added, “It is not just about improving learning outcomes. We need the support of the Community towards achieving this. We cannot do this without them. In your Report you mention you have identified volunteers at the Gram Panchayat level, and they do not expect remuneration. Which is very good. We also believe that we need this kind of support.”

The symposium also included panel discussions, including a session on the importance of Community Engagement in the process of education.

In his closing comments Mr. Ashok Kamath said, “We are delighted to have hosted this annual Maths Symposium once again and this year bringing together stakeholders to discuss the importance of Community Engagement in education. Together, we should recognise that it truly takes a village to ensure that every child has access to quality education.”

About Akshara Foundation:
Akshara Foundation is a 24-year-old Public Charitable Trust committed to improving education for every child. Through its innovative initiatives like the Ganitha Kalika Andolana, Akshara aims to transform the way children learn and engage with mathematics, ensuring that every child has access to quality education.

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